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Read this information before registration

Registrations to the competitions are closed! Only in exceptional occasions the organization committee will accept your registration to the competitions as far as this not hinders the organization.
You can still register without taking part into the competitions.
Contact the organization committee at for further questions.

During registration...

  • please fill out all requested data very accurate.
  • in the text box Organization you can type your school, club, national group, sponsor... (max. 35 characters). This optional information is displayed in the competition result lists if you register for competitions.
  • please enter by preference your mobile phone number, so we can contact you during the congress if urgent matters occur.
  • your e-mailaddress is used to send your password and other information on the payment of your congress fee.
  • you can choose an optional second language. This information is used for excursions, documentation in congress bag... if not available in mother language.
  • please mind the use of mixed case by filling out text boxes:

  • Please indicate in Step 3 - Excursions/Extra if you will join the meetings of IPRS (Intersteno Parliamentary and other professional Reporters’ Section) on Sunday and Monday and/or the general conferences on Tuesday.
  • Follow the 4 steps and finalize by clicking once the button Register.

After registration...

After your registration you will receive a password by e-mail. Choose the menu Login and personal data:

  • to check your personal data
  • to check your personal program (just before and during the congress)
  • to check your competition results (during the congress, if applicable)
  • to consult the list of registered congress participants
  • to change your password


Registration is complete on receipt of your payment before the 15th of May 2013.


For any questions on registrations, please contact us at

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